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Welcome. You are involved with sales, service and support for the HARDI customer and this HARDI Structure course will give you a basic understanding of the sprayers to help you help the customer.

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HARDI International A/S – History and Company presentation
A tour through the history of HARDI

Product overview
This presentation is an overview of the main HARDI products

A presentation with slides and text with much taken from Sprayer Textbook. It covers HARDI pump variants, identification, key features, transmission shafts, suction and pressure dampers, service and help to fault finding.

Control units
A presentation with slides and text covering model overview, HARDI-MATIC, pressure equalisation, BK, EVC and EFC controls, pressure gauges and Dynamic Fluid regulation.

A presentation with slides and text that cover the filter locations, filter codes and recommended choices, top and bottom mounted suction filters, pressure filters and self-cleaning filters.

Non-return valves
A slide and text on HARDI non-return valves.

Manifold and SmartValves
A slide and text explaining MANIFOLD and SMART valves.

HARDI SmartValves
A video explaining the SmartValves.

Filling systems
A slide and text on HARDI filling systems.

Filling systems presentation with audio
Here is the Filling systems presentation with English audio.

Safety valve
A slide with text on normal and progressive safety valves.

Filters and valves Quiz
Which filter should you choose for a certain nozzle? A quiz on how to help prevent nozzle blockage.

A presentation with slides and text. It covers understanding hydraulic symbols, open and closed tractor hydraulics, HARDI "Y" and "Z" systems, Direct Activated and Direct Hydraulics and TWIN hydraulic systems.

A presentation with slides and text covering suspension types, HARDI trapeze and pendulum suspensions, boom codes and names, air assisted booms, alternative booms, plumbing systems and boom terminology.

Tanks and frames
A presentation with slides and text covering tanks, frames, drawbars and steering systems on the RANGER, NAVIGATOR, COMMANDER and AEON.

Blower units for Orchard and vineyard sprayers
A slide presentation covering the application task, air volume and driving speed, and blower types.

Hand-operated sprayers
A presentation on the basics, range and techniques including calibration on hand operated spray equipment.

Special Equipment, Optional Extras
A slide presentation of basic options for the medium range sprayers. It covers the operator zone concept and safe practices, pesticide filling systems, BoomPrime, DilutionKit and External cleaning.

A presentation covering the specialised fittings and plumbing to secure safe transport with minimal residue of the spray liquid.

Electrical Equipment
A slide presentation covering the history of HARDI electronics and the basics of these electronic tools with attention to the HARDI Controller 5500, being the entry level sprayer computer.

Sprayer Start-up

HARDI Nozzles
A presentation on nozzle choice starting with pesticide types and ending with use of the HARDI Calibration Disk.

A link to Nozzle Selector for help in choosing nozzles.

Application Technology Quiz
Now we come to the "brain" of the sprayer. Making the right choice here is critical, both for the sprayer operator and you. You have come so far and with this, we have confidence in you. Give it a go!

This chapter covers the parts numbers logic, identification of new and old parts, the Electronic Parts Catalogue and icon logic.

Info sources
This covers where you could look to find information.

Identification and info source Quiz
A lot of information about HARDI and we do not expect you to remember the lot. We do hope you know where to look if you cannot answer the customer. Let's see...

Conclusion and the Finish Line